We've got Newton Lilavois on the show, who creates the coolest indie comic you'll read and that's no joke. Crescent City Monsters is an early 1960's horror story in Louisiana, with real legend monsters that I've never seen used in any story before, like the Grunch. Plus magic, snakes, blues music and fighting to survive the madness of the times. With the most superb artwork created by Gian Carlo Bernal. Each page will blow your mind in the detail, shading and shot design.
We talk the creation process of making comics, with the writing stages, finding artists, the many ways of marketing a comic, running a successful Kickstarter, being a friend on social media, enjoying the process and still learning something new everyday. Newton brings the perfect inspirational story for anybody creating not only comics but just creative projects in general. 
So if you want to read the book and support the comic, they've got a Kickstarter going right now for physical prints and more goodies to own.
If you wanna just see what this comic books all about, come take a free read at www.DreamFuryComics.com to get a taste of what mores to come with the first issue. Then make sure to sign up for the newsletter and keep up to date. Contact Newton @DreamFuryComics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
This is also the start to our #CountdownTo400 episodes of the Old Man Orange Podcast. Hopefully getting exciting guests each episode to both inspire, laugh, learn something new and just have a good time as we climb the ladder ever closer to the big 4-0-0. Help spread the love and get all you know to share too. Thanks.
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