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As it happens at least 3 times a year, we are graced with another amazing entry in the DCU Animated Movie realm with the latest release, Justice League Vs Teen Titans. A fun, fantastic adventure that took us back to a high school time with the Teen Titans. And of course Beast Boy is just looking for the love of another man as always but hey, he's just a boy trapped in the closet. Well we also talk about the next DCU movie adaption of the Killing Joke. Something every Batman fan has been waiting for. It looks like it will be even more superior than the comic with an added Batgirl beginning and more. Then we chat about the very racist casting of movie hog, Scarlett Johansson in the live action Ghost in the Shell picture. Apparently there are still many Americans out there who don't like seeing Asians in leads. Such a shame but we still have a laugh no matter what. So come on by and take a listen.

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Old Man Orange is Spencer Scott Holmes and Ryan Dunigan. - 2016

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The Original - Ghost in the Shell

Where Eagles Dare

Justice League Vs Teen Titans

Batman The Killing Joke

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