We are reviewing/discussing the brand new Quentin Tarantino book of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on the show. A fantastic read for anyone who is a hardcore Tarantino and classic cinema fan. If you are not into Quentin as much, this book is really as extreme as it gets in his style and wording. But we loved it! It's like having an ultra extended/unrated cut of the film. And the novel nicely takes it's own route through the tales without just repeating exactly the films core story with just some longer scenes.

With all sorts of backstory into both Cliff (Brad Pitt) and Rick (Leonardo DiCaprio) that's beyond awesome. Plus cinema deep cut history and 60s pop culture insights too. This version just feels grimier, grungier, and far more brutal. Cliff's whole origin stories are just way past cool, really one of the greatest characters ever made. It just adds so much extra depth to the universe of the film.

So, come on by and join us on another adventure of OMO Podcast.

Old Man Orange is Spencer Scott Holmes & Ryan Dunigan - 2021 - "Young Adults, Old Man Attitude. Talking retro games, classic films and comic good times with a crisp of Orange taste." - www.OldManOrange.com

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