Talking all about one of our favorite flicks on Old Man Orange's Big 450th episode! The Super Mario Bros Movie from 1993. Maybe you had to be there to understand, the right age even and/or just an open mind to a Mario and Luigi else worlds type story. But we love this flick and are going back in time with another grand viewing.


Being about our 4th episode focused solely on the SMB movie over the Old Man Orange Podcast journey. If you care to take the trip farther into the depths, we also go through one of the original scripts in it's entirety, we talk with the Mario Film archive dudes on another and also we did a commentary on the flick way back in the day too. Featuring the Star Fox 64 Nintendo Power short as well. Plus there's a always a mention or so throughout our career of episodes. And at least part of a Pod on one of the 25th Anniversary screenings of the Film in Oakland California too. I guess I'm just saying we carry the sword of love with the Mario Movie. With probably more podcast time put into this classic cult film than just about anybody around.


And this also starts off a series of Mario themed episodes on Old Man Orange Podcast coming next! So keep joining us all #MarioMay, for fun trips back in time with some SMB material that you wouldn't always think first of. Good times in store.


So come on by and join us on another adventure of OMO Podcast.


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