We go back in time with not only one of the greatest RPGs of all time but really one of the best video games ever made! Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, the ultra classic from both Nintendo and Square, that really is just as unique as ever. Expanding the Mario Universe and inventing some totally sweet RPG mechanics in the process. A game one can always go back to, time and time again. As long as someone appreciates good ole turn based gameplay.


So come join us as we have tons of fun back in the 7 Star Kingdom. Continuing our #MarioMay super marathon series of hidden gems and Super Mario Bros. classics on another adventure of OMO Podcast.


Old Man Orange is Spencer Scott Holmes & Ryan Dunigan - 2020 - "Young Adults, Old Man Attitude. Talking retro games, classic films and comic good times with a crisp of Orange taste." - www.OldManOrange.com


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