We are talking the latest DCU live action picture today on the show with, The Suicide Squad. The Sequel to the first Suicide Squad though technically the 3rd in line with the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey flick. But in Suicide Squad 2 we get a fun filled exploitive action movie romp, that start's off a little strange but works it's way into a pretty darn good flick. Yeah it's kinda James Gunn doing an R Rated Guardians of the Galaxy style with some goofy jokes but backed up with fantastic action and copious amounts of the ultra violence. Hopefully taking us into another great era of brutal action in the rated R section of cinema films. 

So, come on by and join us on another adventure of OMO Podcast.

Old Man Orange is Spencer Scott Holmes & Ryan Dunigan - 2021 - "Young Adults, Old Man Attitude. Talking retro games, classic films and comic good times with a crisp of Orange taste." - www.OldManOrange.com

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