We go back to the 70s version of the crime caper, hostage flick, Pelham 123. And this is a film where it has an amazing remake with Tony Scott directing and staring Denzel Washington and John Travolta. But it's fun to go back and check out this 1974 original. Starring Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw and Jerry Stiller to name a few. Plus just seeing the 70s tech and mechanical integrity of the New York Subway system is always really neat.
Filled with fun, great laughs, suspense and just those 70s ways of life. Like a good history piece this film is. Plus it's got a lot of proto Reservoir Dog material in here. You can tell a great amount of Tarantino's inspiration came from this picture.
So come on by and have a listen as we chat a good ole romp through the original, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three on Old Man Orange Podcast.
Old Man Orange is Spencer Scott Holmes & Ryan Dunigan - 2018
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