Come have a laugh and check out the sit-com styled comic book series, Pizza Boyz from creator Spencer Scott Holmes of Old Man Orange.


Pizza Boyz on Amazon, Comix Central and Comixology


Grab A Physical Copy of the Graphic Novel. Pizza Boyz Season 1


"Ever wanted to read a comic that had the thrills of a workout, with the laughs of a podcast and the nostalgia of an N64?.. Probably never crossed your mind till now. Well in Pizza Boyz, the sit-com styled comic goes into the fray of what is best in life. Creating martial arts movies with friends, finding the easy street way of making money till your podcast takes off, being cautious of “THAT GUY” at the gym and utilizing the secret powers that Mario Kart holds. And of course, grabbing a slice of some good times pizza. So, come on by and hang out with the ole gang. It’s just like you remember, only black and white."

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